We're almost Finished Building!

Our builder is Humphrey's Construction.

Ground Breaking occurred on April 6, 2007.

It seems we were a bit optimistic about the end of October. We are attempting to pass final inspection now. After we pass there is quite a bit of touch up to occur. Most likely we'll be moving in the week of Thanksgiving. Darla's pretty dissapointed with that; but somethings are beyond our control. The Lord is in control of the situation though; and we trust in Him to look out for our best interest.

Take a look at the stained glass below. Darla's Uncle made this. The picture doesn't come close to doing it justice either. As you can tell; he's very talented. You'll just have to take a look at it in person. We'll see you at the house warming.

Daily Picture

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Construction Video

Construction Time Line

Basement dig out complete (April 7, 2007)
Footing dig out complete (April 17, 2007)
Footing poured (April 18, 2007)

Basement wall forms complete (April 26, 2007)
Basement walls poured (April 30, 2007)
Basement wall forms removed (May 2, 2007)
Drain lines under basement floor complete (May 7, 2007)
Basement concrete poured (May 11, 2007)
Garage floor poured (May 15, 2007)
Sub floor complete (May 24, 2007)
Framing of walls complete (June 4, 2007)
Rough plumbing complete (June 29, 2007)

Fireplaces complete (June 29, 2007)
HVAC rough in complete (July 26, 2007)
Electrical rough in complete (July 30, 2007)

Last Updated: November 6, 2007
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