Dicken's Village Department 56

We currently have:  
BUILDINGS    Accessories
Barmby Moor Cottage A Treasure from the Sea
Boarding & Lodging School Christmas Apples (set of 3)
East Indies Trading Co. Christmas Pudding Costermonger
Great Denton Mill “Postern” 10 Year Anniversary Piece
Hather Harness Gourmet Chocolates Delivery Wagon
King’s Road Post Office Poinsettia Delivery Truck
Leed’s Oyster House  The Spirit of Giving (set of 3)
Nettie Quinn Puppets & Marionettes Towering Pines
Old East Rectory Twelve Days of Christmas II
Rockingham School           (the two turtle doves)
Somerset Valley Church Village Lighted Town Tree
Seton Morris Spice Merchant  
St. Martin’s in-the-field Church  
Sudbury Church  
Thornbury Chapel  
Whilttlesbourne Church  
More information can be found at: http://www.department56.com  


Last Updated: March 7, 2004